Technology prevents development of bacterial biofilms to allow for rapid immune resolution of common infections, focusing first in otitis media

COLUMBUS, Ohio – December 20, 2021 – Clarametyx Biosciences Inc. (“Clarametyx”), a late preclinical stage biotechnology company developing targeted, immune-enabling biologic therapies to counter persistent infections associated with biofilms, today announced the receipt of a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for up to $3.15 million over three years to accelerate development of a novel, broad spectrum vaccine approach for biofilm-related bacterial infections, with a first indication aiming to prevent otitis media.

The investigational candidate, known as CMTX-301, expands the potential utility of the company’s novel anti-biofilm approach. The pioneering approach is designed to precisely remove a universal, pathogen-agnostic target in bacterial biofilm structure, effectively collapsing the protective shield or preventing formation of new biofilms This mechanism renders bacteria significantly more vulnerable to immune and antibiotic intervention.

The company’s lead product candidate, CMTX-101, is a monoclonal antibody therapeutic in development to improve early resolution of moderate to severe pneumonia. Now, CMTX-301 is designed as a peptide vaccine to prevent the formation of bacterial biofilms, enabling the body’s natural immune responses to more effectively destroy bacterial pathogens that cause otitis media and potentially reducing the heavy usage of antibiotics to treat recurrent or recalcitrant infection.

The NIH grant (award number 1R44DC019874-01) provides critical initial funding to progress early development activities, including lead optimization activities, proof of concept evaluation and IND-enabling activities.

“There is a defined need for a more effective broad-spectrum vaccine that prevents otitis media, a highly common infection in children. NIH’s grant for this technology reflects this need and validates this novel opportunity to address multi-pathogen bacterial infections by targeting the biofilm,” said David Richards, Chief Executive Officer. “We believe this technology could dramatically improve the treatment of complex and recurrent bacterial infections in multiple high need indications, not only improving clinical outcomes but also reducing the reliance on multiple courses of antibiotics, thereby reducing the threat of resistance.”

About Clarametyx Biosciences

Clarametyx Biosciences is combating the formidable challenge of bacterial biofilm disease. Clarametyx’s innovative technology platform targets the biofilm—a protective layer around bacteria that causes serious, difficult-to-treat bacterial infections—to enable a more effective immune response or antibiotic intervention. The Columbus, Ohio-based company is building a dynamic pipeline of immune-enabling therapies and vaccines for life-threatening bacterial infections associated with biofilms. Its lead candidate, CMTX-101, is a humanized monoclonal antibody in late preclinical development and aims to deliver a superior standard of care for moderate-to-severe pneumonia. A second candidate CMTX-301, is now in preclinical development as a vaccination against the common infection otitis media. For more information, visit us on the web or on LinkedIn.

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